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Lysa Janelle is one of our many awesome Greenpeace volunteers who work out of our Montreal office. Here’s what she had to say when asked about why she does what she does:

1] How long have you been volunteering for Greenpeace and why did you choose Greenpeace at a place to offer you time and energy?

I started to volunteer in April of 2010. I choose Greenpeace because I am sensitive to the campaigns they’ve been doing and support the fact that they are financially independent from governments and industries. I admire the creativity and various approaches they use when it comes to dealing with environmental issues. Most of all, the staff is incredibly generous in time and good energy, and it does not feel like a chore to give time to the organization.

2] In general, what motivates you to volunteer?

The fact that I can directly contribute to inform people on various issues. I’m highly motivated by the great people I have the chance to meet, the staff, the other volunteers or the people I meet on the streets when an action occurs.

3] Do you have a most memorable moment, activity or project at Greenpeace?

I honestly feel that every new action is better than the one before! Although, one that I particularly remember is the Beach Party Marée Noire at the Energy World Congress last September. What a great experience! I was backstage the whole time, helping out with the logistics of the event. There were so many people from different environmental groups gathering for that event, remembering the BP oil spill and discussing issues regarding fossil fuel energies. At some point, everyone became quiet. The act had started. Musicians led the slow march with a sad melody, accompanying the people covered with fake oil. The march ended, the musicians stopped playing, and in front of me stood a dramatic scene of 20 people covered in oil. It was beautiful and sad at the same time. Just to remember that iconic scene and the impact the event had, is enough to keep me going for a long time.

4] Do you have an inspirational message that you want to share with other environmental activists like yourself?

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